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Folk Music From The Jesus Movement—1973

Dayspring was an expression of the life of the Dayspring Community, a Christian community during the Jesus Movement Of the 1970s

Dayspring was one of the most anointed Christian folk groups during the Jesus movement. Whether you’re from that generation are not you will be absolutely blessed by this album.

This is music that was produced during The Jesus movement–Siloam was a Christian  folk–rock band from the Christian community Dayspring Community, The Jesus Movement community formed in the early 1970s and Siloam, as well as the Christian Folk group Dayspring, was an expression of the Dayspring Community.

The History of Jesus  Music


There has been a long legacy of Christian music connected to the Jesus movement. Jesus music, also known as gospel beat music in the UK, primarily began when some hippie and street musicians of the late 1960s and early 1970s converted to Christianity. They continued to play the same style of music they had played previously but began to write lyrics with a Christian message. Many music groups developed out of this, and some became leaders within the Jesus movement, most notably Barry McGuire, Love Song, Second Chapter of Acts, All Saved Freak Band, Servant, Petra, Stryper, Resurrection Band, Phil Keaggy, Dion DiMucci, Paul Stookey [6] of Peter, Paul, and Mary; Randy Stonehill, Randy Matthews, Andraé Crouch (and the Disciples), Nancy Honeytree, Keith Green, and Larry Norman. The Joyful Noise Band traveled with a Christian community throughout the U.S. and Europe, performing in festivals held underneath giant tents. In the UK, Malcolm and Alwyn were the most notable agents of the gospel beat.

According to The Jesus People: Old-Time Religion in the Age of Aquarius by Enroth, Ericson, and Peters, Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California founded the first Christian rock labels when he launched the Maranatha! Music label in 1971 as an outlet for the Jesus music bands performing at Calvary worship services. However, in 1970 Larry Norman recorded, produced, and released two albums: Street Level[7] and Born Twice for Randy Stonehill.[8] on One Way Records.[9]

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Some of the most anointed and pure expressions of love for Jesus came in the form of the music that came out of The Jesus  Movement. Feel free to download this music. Jesus music was the music of First Love—the First Love for Jesus! May You Be Blessed As You Return to Your First Love!  This music is free and may not be reproduced for any commercial purposes.

© 1973 Dayspring Community

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